Welcome to our Studio

Located in New York City and established by founder Samantha Fox in 2018, Wynona Fox Bridal and Evening wear is dedicated to providing our clients with unique and timeless couture pieces.  We offer our brides exceptional personal service, in a calm and stress free environment as they prepare for their big day. We take pride in the construction of our garments, striving for perfection in every stitch leaving our finished products looking polished and professional. With a keen eye for details and impeccable craftsmanship, we guarantee our clients satisfaction, and trust they will not be disappointed with the quality and personal touch we provide.



Founder Samantha Fox developed a love for designing and sewing at an early age. Her passion and desire for creating beautiful gowns was heavily influenced by her childhood. Having parents who were both professional ballet dancers, she spent a large portion of her youth behind the scenes, in majestic theaters and costume shops where she would watch the workers craft elaborate headdresses or hand drape layer upon layer of lace and sequined tulle.  Being constantly surrounded by art and beauty nurtured her imagination, and continues to inspire her designs today. Fox's innovative creations reflect the childlike innocence and wonder she felt all those years ago, infused with the same sort of dark mysterious beauty and soft romanticism of the make believe worlds she would watch come to life every night on the stage.

Fox followed her passions to NYC, graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2009 with a BFA in Fashion Design. After graduation, she worked for a wide variety of companies in both the fashion and costume industries, constructing everything from delicate undergarments for small lingerie lines to building complex and intricate costumes for the Broadway productions of Phantom of the Opera and Wicked. She continued to hone her skills in pattern making, fitting, and couture sample sewing with companies such as Oscar de la Renta Intimates, Parsons-Mears, Austin Scarlett, Pamela Roland, Calvin Klein's Celebrity Atelier, and bridal fitting and tailoring for Monique Lhuillier. Drawing on her diverse background in the industry, Fox's years of experience and extensive knowledge of working with delicate fabrics and heavily embellished garments has made her a master in her craft.

“Wynona Fox Bridal and Evening wear was named after my grandmother, a strong and passionate woman who has always been very inspirational to me.  It was from her that I learned the importance of quality in construction of a garment.  She taught me to have an appreciation for the small details like a well matched print or a beautifully finished seam, always stressing that the inside of a garment should look just as nice as the outside. Her generation's sense of style and timeless elegance attracted me to designers like Christian Dior, Cristobal Balenciaga and Charles James, who was often referred to as America’s first couturier. Being master innovators of their time, I found their creations to be compelling and bold with a huge emphasis on the details. They were constantly pushing the boundaries of three dimensional silhouettes and proportions, bringing vintage ideals into a modern era whilst continuing to possess a classic simplicity and grace making their work completely unique and original. I find this era of couture dressmaking an art form that is slowly dwindling away, especially here in the United States. As a designer, I would like to rekindle the appreciation for the artists and craftsmen who make these garments come to life, by bringing it to the forefront of today's bridal industry. My goal is to make "quality" more ubiquitous in the minds of today’s consumers, helping them to see and appreciate the beauty and art of a perfectly constructed garment like those of generations before us.”

-Samantha Fox