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Custom Gowns

A complete couture experience.  From fabric selection to design features to a perfectly fitted and made to measure result, this is a gown that will be truly unique and one of a kind and can be treasured for generations.  If you're struggling to find the perfect gown, let us design one for you! Contact us today for a consultation so we can start turning dreams into realities.


Bridal Fitting and Alterations

Achieving the perfect couture fit can take a wedding dress from 'Pretty' to 'Wow!'.  Making a ready made designer gown look like it's been custom built just for you.  Have you found your dream gown but unsure of where to have it tailored? Look no further, with a trained eye, an emphasis on details and delicate fabric handling we make sure your gown is treated with the attention and affection it deserves.  We strive for all our clients to leave our studio with a gown that looks better than when it came in! Send us some photos of your gown today so we can see if we are the right 'Fit' for you!

Gown Customizations

Ancestry Heirloom with fit issues?  Found a vintage piece that you love but just needs to be brought into the current century?  Gown customizations are a great and sustainable way to use pre-existing fabrics or garments and re-design them into something unique and new.  If you've always dreamed of wearing your mother or grandmother's wedding gown but are just unsure of how to make it your own, give us a shout out! We love vintage pieces and hope to make your experience with us unforgettable.